Mortgage Surveys


Is it Knotweed? And how bad is it? Get the lie of the land with a full mortgage survey. FREE identification assessment.

Japanese Knotweed identification boils down to this:

Is it Knotweed? And how bad is it?

Best carry out a survey to get the lie of the land.

And by survey, we mean an actual survey. By a PCA Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed.

Not some bloke poking around in the garden who thinks he knows what he’s doing.

Our Certificated Surveyors can carry out a full inspection of your property and present our findings in a comprehensive report.

If you think you’ve got Knotweed, we’ll even carry out an identification assessment for FREE.

Working step-by-step we can:

LEAF 25Carry out Japanese Knotweed identification or confirm the presence of other invasive non-native plants
LEAF 25Record the extent of infestation and associated property risk
LEAF 25Include an assessment of neighbouring properties or land where necessary
LEAF 25Include a survey plan and photos
LEAF 25Design an effective solution
LEAF 25Provide UK mortgage lenders with the risk assessment they require

Want to see a sample Japanese Knotweed identification survey? No problem. Just ask and we’ll happily send one over.