Japanese Knotweed Removal Cardiff

The Cardiff and South Wales region has long had a severer knotweed problem. Classic removal techniques are expensive and the local Cardiff Council will not foot the bill for that on private land.

You do not have to remove Knotweed to be compliant. A more cost effective treatment plan is all you need to make your land, home compliant.

A client in Cardiff could not get a re-mortgage on their property because of knotweed in the garden, which was contaminated by a vacant property nearby. After a Site visit, one treatment and an insurance backed treatment plan for the next 5 years the mortgage was successful.

Blame the Victorians. Without them, there’d be no need for Japanese Knotweed eradication.

That’s a nice ornamental flower, let’s bring a sample back home thought an eager olden days botanist.


Because in its native landscape it grows on the side of volcanos. A habitat that not only makes knotweed tough, but limits its ability to prosper.

So, seeing as there’s not a whole lot of lava flowing through your garden, no wonder we have a problem today.

The World Conservation Society don’t mince their words, listing Japanese Knotweed as one of the world’s worst invasive species.

That’s some title, but it’s richly deserved – Japanese Knotweed eradication is far from easy.

Knotweed is adaptable. Horribly so, thriving in any kind of soil.

Think a cold snap might finish it off? Think again. It’ll shrug off the UK winter without so much as a shiver.

It’s under the soil where the real problems develop in relation to your current home. Or the one that you’re wanting to buy.

Because, thanks to its roots, this stuff is highly invasive.

It certainly takes some tackling, but Knotweed Busters have the tools and expertise to get the job done.


With our proven 5-step plan for successful Japanese Knotweed eradication:

LEAF 25 Identification – if you think you’ve got knotweed we’ll come and take a look for FREE
LEAF 25 Site survey – we’ll put together an action plan based on the specifics of your infestation
LEAF 25 Treatment – using herbicides, bury on site and off site removal options
LEAF 25 Site visits – we’ll be back regularly to monitor the situation
LEAF 25 Liaison – with neighbours to prevent the problem from spreading

All backed by a cast iron guarantee. Make no mistake. We’ll keep going until it’s gone.