Worried about Knotweed regrowth? Insurance backed guarantee. 5 or 10 year options. Sleep easier with added peace of mind.

Getting rid of Japanese Knotweed – well that was a mission.

So that’s the last of it. Dead, destroyed, done. But will it ever come back?

After all the hassle and worry, words of reassurance don’t mean much.

Which is why Knotweed Busters guarantee all of our work as standard – monitoring your property for a further 2 years for any sign of knotweed returning.

And look, we both know this stuff is stubborn.

So if you need to extend that guarantee and back it up with extra insurance, not a problem.

Together we can draw up a policy that suits your circumstances and gives you the level of cover you need.

Underwritten by specialist insurer, you’ll sleep easier thanks to the added peace of mind:

LEAF 25 Insurance against re-growth
LEAF 25 Additional treatment at no extra cost
LEAF 25 Annual inspections and updated reports
LEAF 25 5 or 10 years options

Treating Japanese Knotweed. And guarding against regrowth. A guarantee you can depend on.